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  • How about performances of hybrid solar air conditioners

     Hi Mr Rosa

    Thanks for you inquiried about hybrid solar air conditioner.

    This is Tina from Ningbo Sunny Co Ltd, our company keep innovative andnew technology developping , making and supplying solar ACs, solar fridges ,solar roof tiles ect in Zhejiang,China.


    Regarding to your questions, please review below information:

    1- Could you send me the FOB price list of models per unit and quantity, please?

    Re: Yes, please look for attached quotation.


    2- Can we buy per unit? In quantity, how many enter a small container?

    Re:Yes, you can buy them mixture in a container.

    3- What is the performance of the water?

    Re: the water is mainly used for store heat energy fromsun, and help

    aircon system to heat up refrigerant, so as to reduce its power consumption.meanwhile, their power consumption less than 70% of

    normal ac, eg 12000btu evarage power consumption is only 12.9kw for 24 hours.


    4- How often do you have to fill it?

    Re:only fill water in first time installation, the system with water supplimentary function, the condenssing water will flow to water tank . so people do not need fill water frequently.

    5- Must be connected to the water network always?

    Re: Yes.

    6- Can you send us the certificates if the government requires us?

     Re: We can supply CE certificate.


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