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  • Why is my unit not blowing cold air?

    Make sure there is no obstruction in the exhaust hose and the hose is not kinked or overly bent. Make sure you don’t

     exceed the recommended hose length of 4 or 5 feet depending on which model you have. Make sure there is ample

     space around the unit and there is nothing obstructing the air flow of the intake, check your manual for

    space requirements. Make sure your unit is in cool mode.
     Check your set temperature. Make sure it is set at a cooler temperature than your room temperature.  If your AC is in auto

    mode it is set approx 73-77 degrees. For colder air please change from auto mode to cool mode and set desired

     Check to make sure the unit is not in auto mode. When in auto mode the unit is factory preset to about 75 degrees and the

     set temp up or temp down buttons are disabled even though it appears you are setting the temperature up or down.

    Make sure the unit is in cool mode by pressing the mode button and only the cool light is on and the auto light is

    off then you can set your desired temperature. After a few minutes the compressor will come back on.

    Make sure air intake is clean and filter is clean.

  • Why does my portable air conditioner cool for a short period of time and then turn off?

    Have you extended the exhaust hose with another? The unit can ONLY be used with the included exhaust hose

    (dryer type exhaust hoses will cause the unit to over heat). 

    How close is the unit to the wall? If the unit is only inches away from the wall and you are running the exhaust

     hose out a window, more than likely their exhaust hose bend is at 90 degrees which restricts air flow. In order

    for the unit to run more efficiently and not overheat, it should be at least 1-1/2 feet away from the wall and the

     exhaust hose should not exceed more then a 45 degree angle.   
     Are you exhausting the unit out a hole in the wall? If so, are you using a flap vent on the exterior of your home/office?

     The flap may be too rigid and not open continuously. The compressor is not strong enough to push the air through

    and therefore will only run for a short period of time before overheating and shutting off. You should take the flap

     off the vent and replace it with a piece of screening. 

    Are you venting it into a ceiling or basement? Does the ceiling or basement have ample ventilation? If the ceiling

    or basement does not have a way of pushing the heat from the exhaust to the outside, the unit will work for a short

    period of time and then eventually overheat and shut off.

  • Why is the COMP/ALARM light flashing or on?

    Units internal water pan is full and needs to be drained.  The unit will not turn on unless the COMP/ALARM light

     error is fixed.

  • Why is my room not getting cool even though the air conditioner is blowing cold air?

    Make sure the room size is not to large for the BTU’s of the unit, check your manual; you may need a higher BTU

     unit. The units are designed for zone cooling so make sure all doors to adjoining rooms and hallways are closed.

    Make sure all windows are closed and there is not excessive sunlight coming in; keep drapes and curtains closed if

     necessary. Check the back of the unit for any exhaust leaks and secure if necessary. Make sure the exhaust hose is

     installed properly, securely screwed into the adapter and there are no kinks in the hose. Make sure there is no

    outside air coming through the window spacer. Apply weather stripping to any gaps or fill in any large gaps

    with foam or Plexiglass from your local hardware store or home center.

  • Why is my portable air conditioner is leaking water on the floor?

    Make sure the unit is on a flat, level surface. If the floor is not level or the carpeting is too thick, the unit will not be

     level, causing the water in the internal tray to flow to one side.  This will bypass the water full safety mechanism

    and the unit will not automatically shut off.

    Check for broken or damaged casters. Check to make sure the casters are installed securely and evenly.

    Check and make sure the drain cap and/or the rubber plug is installed. If cap or rubber plug is missing, use a cork.

     Check and see if the drain is cracked or broken, if so, shave broken drain flat and use a cork.  

  • Why is my compressor not turning on?

    Please set the desired temperature and wait 1-3 minutes for the compressor to turn on.

  • Why is my air conditioner not turning on?

    Test the outlet that the PAC is plugged into is working. If the outlet is working than the powerplug breaker needs to

    be replaced. If the wall outlet is not working, there may be too many appliances on one circuit. Recommended circuit

     is 20amps.  You can also administer a power plug check:                                                                                                                                                                          Power Plug Check 
    1. Press the RESET button.  The reset button may be stubborn so you will need to press HARD to reset it until a

     click is heard and the light comes on. 
    2. Insert the power plug into the electrical outlet. 
    3. Press the TEST button. If the circuit breaker is working you’ll hear a click. 
    4. Press the RESET button until you hear another click. The circuit breaker in the plug is now activated. 
    5. Do not use the air conditioner if the above procedure cannot be successfully performed. 
    After switching the air conditioner off, wait 3 minutes before switching it back

  • What types of windows are suitable for my Portable Air Conditioner?

    Royal Sovereign Portable Air conditioners include a window kit (two pieces which can be adjusted from 20 inches

    to 48 inches) to fit most sliding and double hung windows. (Please note that Royal Sovereign window kits are not

    universal and can vary in size, example: ARP-2412 both pieces are 26 inches long

  • Is it normal for my portable air conditioner unit to be louder than conventional window air conditioner units?

    Yes, this is the sound of the compressor turning on. This is similar to the way a refrigerator works. 

  • How long can I extend the exhaust hose?

    Do not extend the exhaust hose further than its intended use.  Doing so may cause the unit to over heat or perform a

     an innefficient rate.

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