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  • How far can I bend or extend the exhaust hose?

    We do not recommend bending the exhaust hose more then a 45 degree angle or extending the exhaust hose

    longer than its intended use.  Bends beyond 45 degrees may  restrict the air flow which will cause back pressure

    and cause the output air to be warm. The unit works most efficient when the exhaust hose is as straight and as short

    as possible. 

  • How do I use my external water tray?

    The external water tray is to be used for draining the unit when the internal water tray is full. Position the

    external water tray under the drain at the bottom rear of the unit then remove the cap and plug and let water

    fill the tray.

    Do this until no more water comes out of drain and when completely drained reinstall the plug and drain cap.

     The external water tray is not recommended as a water catch for continuous drainage for the size is not ample

    enough.Remember the water full safety mechanism is bypassed (disabled) when setup for continuous drainage.     

  • How do I properly store away my portable air conditioner for the winter?

    If the appliance will not be used for a long time, completely drain the water. 
    Run the unit in fan mode only for a half day to dry the appliance inside to prevent mold. 
    Unplug the unit and store cord. 
    Take out the batteries of remote controller. 
    Clean the air filter and reinstall it. 
    Remove the air hoses. 
    Replace in the original carton or cover for storage. 
    Always maintain the unit in an upright position and store in dry place.

  • How do I know when or how often I need to empty the water reservoir or drain my unit?

    There is a safety shut off on the unit. When the reservoir is full, the unit will stop running and the water full

     indicator will light up.

  • How do I install my portable air conditioner?

    Installation guides can be found in your owner's manual.  If you lost or misplaced your owner's manual,

  • Does my portable air conditioner need to be vented?

    Yes, hot air is exhausted out the back of the unit and must be vented to the outside via window, through a wall,

    or existing duct work. A window kit is included that is designed for double hung and sliding type widows up to 43”.

  • Can I wash and re-use the black filter?


  • Can I setup the unit for continuous drainage?

    Yes, some of our models do come with a drain tube which can be installed over the drain after removing the cap and

    plug. The drain tube would then need to be on a downward pitch and draining to the outside or into an ample

    drainage system. Keep in mind that the units may run a bit hot, but that will not affect the unit.

    Also continuous draining bypasses (disables) the internal water full safety mechanism.

  • go for green energy-solar powered fridge-freezer

    Green Energy Innovations offers an entire line of solar powered refrigerators, solar powered fridge-freezer, 

    solar powered freezers and our newest addition the solar powered medical refrigerator. 

    All our units are dc powered and can operate independent of the electric grid. Requiring as little as 45W 

    of power the entire line of dc powered solar refrigerators can operate using a single solar panel and a

     single battery. 

    All units can work with either a 12V or 24V battery and can provide multiple days of operation on a

     single charge. If electricity is available, an optional ac adapter may be added to provide additional

     security and backup power in case the batteries are fully discharged.


    The entire line of dc powered solar refrigerators operate fully on dc power. What this means is that 

    you do not require an inverter to operate our solar powered refrigerators. Ideally suited for off grid

     locations or locations where power interruptions are common and daily occurrences. Now you can 

    keep your food fresh and safe even if your power is unreliable. 

    The solar powered refrigerator may be used in boats, RV's campgrounds, etc. 

    The solar fridge can easily replace a propane or generator powered refrigerator. 

    By using a dc powered solar refrigerator, you can save 100's of dollars a year 

    in lowered electricity costs or fuel bills.


    The newest products in our line up of dc powered solar refrigerators is the medical refrigerators

     and freezers. The medical lineup includes products with digital programmable thermometers with 

    multiple alarms. Data loggers allow these products to record the temperature at regular intervals 

    throughout the day. The units may be placed vertically or horizontally and have a lockable door.

     Ideally suited for storage or blood, vaccines, medicines and tissue samples.

     The solar medical refrigerators are ideally suited for countries and remote locations where power is not 

    easily available or unreliable. If you run a medical clinic, a local pharmacy, a hospital or even a mobile 

    medical clinic the solar powered medical refrigerator may be just the product you are looking for.


    We have a large selection of solar refrigerators, freezers, medical refrigerators, etc. of various sizes

     to meet your needs.Sizes vary from as small as 45 liters to our largest freezer which is 318 liters.

     The solar showcase is ideal for displaying cold drinks and chilled beer and is perfectly suited for

     locations where a chilled drink is a perfect solution to a hot summer day.


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