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Solar roof tiles

Solar roof tiles

solar roof tiles made by the use of a special mixture of ceramic and polymer roads 40 to 60 percent less than a regular tile roof, and the under construction has less weight to carry.

the 4USUNNY is also very suitable for smaller houses, old houses or dwellings with special gewichtseisen on the roof. the 4USUNNY starting from a weight of 2.5 kg per piece. because of the special construction of the 4USUNNY is less than 0.5% water, and the chance to get the roof landscaping lower and longer shelter stays intact.

also, the solar roof tiles  with special coating which has virtually no dirt on top of the solar cell. this gives you more shadow and has a higher efficiency in terms of yield of the sun.

in addition to the above advantages, the 4USUNNY also stronger than the regular shingles and they have a bigger insulating ability. the more you retain insulating ability in the winter heat better in the house and in the summer the temperature is lower in the house. you will not only benefit from the energy section, but it gets even better insulation for back.

the solar roof tiles are linked together by means of mc4 connectors, the connectors are standard used in pv systems.

also, our solar roof tiles performed with bypass diode's shadows and no negative influences on the full operation of the system.


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