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Deep Chest Solar Freezer

DC Solar Freezer ,24V DC Refrigerator;Portable Solar Powered Fridge

Upright deep chest DC Freezers is for good living by off grid and using solar panels for your home which should be the most efficient, lowest energy consumption available. Super-efficient electric refrigerators and freezers designed from 3.5 to 59 cubic feet and made 3"to 5" inches of insulation and free CFC material which use only one third the energy of conventional standard units. They are the very best choice for smaller solar power systems. Solar freezer are specially designed for off-grid homes require fewer solar modules and less generator run time. All our solar energy chest type freezers are rated in watt-hours power used per day. Watt-hours compare equally whether 12, 24, or 120 volt units. Divide watt-hours/day by your battery voltage, 12 or 24, to get amp-hours per day consumed. 4USUNNY products are smaller DC solar powered refrigerators made for RV & marine markets. With the high quality DC compressor, Adding 2 extra inches foam insulation to all surfaces except the door cuts that power use in half. 4USUNNY DC powered chest freezers are as well insulated and energy efficient as any available, using 200 to 800 watt hours/day, at better prices.

Deep chest commercial solar freezers are just what you need for storing bulk food items at your convenience store, supermarket,ice cream parlor

or restaurant. The spacious interior in each freezer allows you to stock bulk items like meat,packaged foods,ice cream and bags of ice. These DC freezers also come in a variety of capacities , ranging from a few cubic feet to over 50 cubic feet. This way, you can find one that fits in your business and provides enough storage space.

A compact freezer or bigger sizes chest freezer that will hold all of your merchandise in your commercial kitchen or retail area.Thanks to thick wall insulation,these DC freezers keep products frozen and at food safe temperature. Each commercial chest freezers has a white powder-coated finish for easy cleaning, which new design with lid locks allow for products security. Some even come with interior baskets to help you

organize your products, so you can quickly find what you need.

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