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Two Doors Solar Refrigerator

DC Solar Freezer ,24V DC Refrigerator;Portable Solar Powered Fridge

DC Solar Refrigerators for living off grid are by using solar panels to operate refrigerator. And solar power fridges are the most efficient, lowest energy consumption available. Super-efficient 2doors or side-by-side 24Volt DC refrigerators designed with 3 to 5 inches of foam insulation and use only one third the energy of conventional units.Solar refrigerators are the best choice for smaller power systems. Solar DC Refrigerators that are specially designed for off-grid homes require fewer solar modules and less generator run time. All our solar energy refrigerators are rated in watt-hours power used per day. Divide watt-hours/day by your battery voltage, 12 or 24, to get amp-hours per day consumed. 4USUNNY fridge are smaller DC solar powered refrigerators made for RV & marine markets. With the high quality DC compressor, these are smaller refrigerators but use about the same power. Adding 2 extra inches foam insulation to all surfaces except the door cuts that power use in half. 4USUNNY DC powered chest freezers are as well insulated and energy efficient as any available, using 200 to 800 watt hours/day, at better prices.

The solar refrigerator has 2.3~22.0cubic feets for choices with advanced design of multi fridge and freezing temperatures;humidity-controlled crisper drawer for freshness of fruits and vegetables;swing freezer door lets you quickly access your favorite frozen foods;door-open alarm alert you when a refrigerator door is accidentally left open to help conserve energy;reversible door can be fastened on the right of left side for ideal placement in your kitchen. the hidden hinges and pocket handles create a discreet,subtle appearance; LED lights offers illumination to help you locate stored contents at night or in dimly lit conditions.

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