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Mini Solar Fridge

DC Solar Freezer ,24V DC Refrigerator;Portable Solar Powered Fridge

Efficient DC Rounded-edge Door Design Bar Fridge 

Efficient DC Mini fridges for living off grid area by using solar panels for fridges which should be the most efficient, lowest energy consumption available. Super-efficient mini solar fridges are designed with 3 to 5 inches of insulation which using only one third the energy of conventional units. They are the very best choice for smaller power systems.

Solar DC Refrigerators that are specially designed to be operated by solar PV panel and batteries power. They are 12Volt 24Volt DC units which are made for RV & marine markets. With the high quality DC compressor, these are smaller refrigerators but use about the same power. Adding 2 extra inches foam insulation to all surfaces except the door cuts that power use in half.

4USUNNY DC powered mini fridges are insulated and energy efficient as any available, using very small watt hours/day, at better prices.

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